Iris the Dragon

Registered charity & producer of books educating audiences on mental health and wellness.


who is Iris the Dragon

Iris the Dragon is a registered charity that is a known producer of children’s books to educate young audiences on mental health and wellness.

With over a decade of experience, Iris the Dragon’s mission has been to provide educational material for adults and young readers that can facilitate a conversation among parents, teachers and children about issues relating to mental health and wellness in a non-threatening manner.

Iris the Dragon’s books address a variety of emotional, behavioural and neurodevelopmental conditions and recognize the importance of family, school, and community in promoting the potential of every child.

Iris the Dragon’s key messages

Iris provides a means for gatekeepers of our youth to:

  • realize that mental health challenges do exist in children, and present a very grave and very real concern in today’s high-stress society.
  • recognize that through early detection, risk management and education about mental health, symptoms can be alleviated—if not prevented—and that recovery is possible.
  • reduce the stigma and discrimination that surrounds children’s mental health.

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